I have a few requirements all clients must meet for me to accept a project. These are geared toward facilitating the delivery of a completely solid product, which benefits all parties involved.

1.  Clients should be looking to build a new website or to completely redesign their existing site. I do not make updates or do maintenance on existing websites that I did not design.

2.  Clients should also want to take advantage of my design expertise and not be looking to have me develop a primarily client-designed or pre-designed website.

3.  All client-provided visual/graphical content, including your logo and images, should be of a high quality and resolution or it will need to be redesigned by me.

Discuss Your Needs

Once you’ve determined that you meet the basic requirements, please contact me to discuss your project in further detail.  I will ask questions to determine how I can best help you and will provide you with at least a ballpark estimate.

Finalize Estimate

To give an accurate quote, I will need to see all the text, image, and video content you want to see on your site, organized by page.  And, if there are any existing sites you wish to model in some way, please provide up to 3, along with what specifically you like about them.


If the quote is acceptable and we agree to move forward, we will set a project start date.  On or before that day, you will need to provide a 50% deposit.


I don’t do static design mockups.  Using WordPress and the Divi theme allows for fast design experimentation, so I’ve found it to be more effecient to actually design live.  Your site will be on my high-speed server for the duration of the project, where you will be able to view progress after the first draft.

I design this first draft within a couple weeks and provide you with a link to view it online.  This includes having all the branding, content, and core design ideas in place. It will inevitably still have some issues or elements that require pollish, which I am aware of, but will address during revisions.

I get your feedback and make adjustments until you’re happy with it.  If we agree on a flat rate, that does not, however, include an infinite amount of revisions. But, I’m willing to be flexible and only ask that you be reasonable and respectful of my time.

When you’ve given your final approval and are ready to launch the site, I will need the remaining 50% of the project total to be paid.  Upon receipt of the final payment, I will either point your domain to my server or transfer the site to your web host of choice.

If you paid for a WordPress/Divi video tutorial, this is the point at which I deliver that.