I mostly design websites and logos. On occasion, I develop custom, real-time web applications. I do little in between.  I have trimmed my services down to only those that I excel at compared to others and that provide the greatest benefit to my clients for the cost.

Web Design

I design modern websites for clients who want to show off their products or services in a powerful way. I develop them using WordPress to save time and money, but I don’t use pre-made templates.

My designs are user-focused, with the intention to engage potential customers, simplify their interaction with your business, and lead them to action. The websites I deliver are a solid foundation for your marketing efforts, and are flexible to additions and iterations.

The use of WordPress will allow you to make updates to the site’s content yourself. And, to make things even easier for you, I offer an addon service of developing a video tutorial, walking you through the process of updating your site. In-person lessons are great, but with a video, you can learn at your own pace and rewatch any time.

Web Apps

In addition to simple info sites, I can develop complex business solutions in the form of custom web applications, from customer/employee/project management software to online stores.   I build web apps from scratch, and at a fraction of the cost, using the Javascript framework, Meteor, whose most notable feature is that all changes to the data update for the user in real-time, without needing to refresh the page.


Logo Design

I offer simple, but professional logo designs. Their simplicity makes them timeless and flexible enough to be used in any print or digital applications.

I design logos that give your potential customers a good and memorable first impression. They inspire trust, express who you are and what you do, set you apart from competition, and convey the quality of your products or services before they even set foot in the door.


Hosting refers to the server where your website files will live. My managed hosting service makes your website lightning fast and any server related issues would be handled by me personally.

You can certainly find cheaper hosting, but this is one of those expenses you don’t want to skimp on. Cheap hosting is painfully slow and customer service calls are often very frustrating.


I currently offer on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a website addon, but I no longer offer on-going marketing services. It’s a time consuming job and leaves little time for other projects. When our website project is complete, I will put you in touch with a vetted marketing team, should you require one.