Red Sea – Tactical RPG

I’m roughly 5 months into developing Red Sea.  I’ve built several systems, unit combat AI, the main UI elements, low poly assets, and some animations / ability effects.  This video shows what I have currently, and I talk about what the player will do in the game.  Everything except the audio was done by me.

Aerlum – Competitive FPS

Aerlum is a physics-based FPS I worked on for several months.  This was the first Unity project I spent a lot of time on, so most of it was learning C#, the engine, and developing the dynamic weapon system.  I also spent a lot of time learning character modeling/sculpting in Blender.

Devlog 1

An early iteration of the game where I was able to demonstrate some of the basic elements, mainly how the player can create custom abilities using the gun.

Progress update

A minor update after I finished my character and made some new visual effects.